Intercessary Ministry

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Intercessors pray for other people on behalf of God, being led by God in the area of prayer through scripture, praying in the spirit.

Members of The Intercessory Prayer Ministry:

  1. Prays for everybody and to uplift the church,

  2. Create an atmosphere of the church for God to move

  3. Pray for God’s direction and to be responsive to the Holy Spirit

  4. To adhere to God’s warnings and to be under His covering.

Open Invitation:

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry meets every 3rd Saturday of the month from 2:00-3:00p.m. Except November and December. May include a short sermon or teaching on how to pray the scriptures.

Intercessory Prayer for church service from 8:30-9:30a.m. ahead of Sunday School and Church Service.

Prayer call – Monday-Friday from 7:00-7:30a.m.

(425) 436-6334 CODE: 245255#

Starts with a short prayer, ends with a short prayer.

Fasting for church in January (21 day) and October (7 day).

Send prayer requests: Pam, Mary, Tae & Tae, Shannon

Pray for police and ambulances. Pray for the unsaved.

To express interest in serving The Children’s Ministry, please contact: Minister Pam Chandler

*in need of Secretary